Different Shafts of Light: Finding the Still Point at the Center
by Mary V. Meckel, PhD

The Still Point at the Center is sought by many. Recognition of this Lighted
shaft gratifies the bones, illumines the heart, and elates the spirit.
Reaching towards the salt tides, the soul sifts the sands, soars the
mountains, and spirals upwards to touch the stars. Vital connections with all
life become visceral reality. Inner peace, acceptance, and serenity are
understood as viable choices. Alcohol or drugs cannot spirit us away for this
experience. No one can personally gift us with such insightful discovery. We
can, however, gift ourselves.

How does one reach the Still Point at the Center? I believe we must walk the
good Road in order to find this sacred space. Moreover, I think we must be
open and receptive to the reality that different shafts of Light illuminate
our everyday living experience.

Walking the good Road requires that I become familiar with Light in all its
multi-faced variation, thus learning the lessons of a fully dimensional and
fruitful way of life. This receptivity requires readiness and preparation.
Every shaft of Light is not the same. Some are brilliant, while others seem
gray. Still other shafts appear quite dark.

Certain shafts of Light transmute, bolting into brilliance -- purified and
electric. Such lightening-like currents sweep us up in ecstasy, reaching out
towards the Ocean of Always, the Still Point at the Center. However, no
living human being can remain forever within this Stillness of Light at the
Center. Darkness inevitably encroaches.

Darkness is often described as a complete lack of Light. Is this really so?
Does a person really experience complete lightlessness? When caught within
the dark and narrow passage, wrestling the demon, darkness is felt as a pit
without bottom, an endless void, a mired moment at Midnight. We despair that
we shall never find the Light.

Perhaps we dwell too much upon the search itself rather than focusing energy
upon the tasks at hand when we feel caught in the dark. Light of varied
intensities exists even there. It is found within Grandfather Sun and
nighttime stars. Snowfalls reflect Moonlight, while Sunsets promise
Renaissance. When we can trust we will once again find the Light.

It radiates from the smiles of children, loved ones, and total strangers. At
times, the Sun's brightness shuts my eyes and I stagger in delight to find
Balance! Ecstasy and joy can be difficult to contain. At other times, a
grayness of the day seems to cast pallor or sadness upon my spirit. These
feelings are best expressed within a poem I once wrote:

Gray Slanting Shafts
Surprise the light,
Leaving traces
Frail upon the
Pane's late fog.
Wiped away in haste,
I twist the key,
Check the mirror,
Knowing there will come
Another time,
Another Shaft of Light.

Grandfather Sun ascends slowly. The birthing of dawn is a procession that
refuses to be hurried or hastened. A frantic search for Light and happiness
often fails to see the beauty nestled within those gray moments that prepare
us for daybreak. Those gray, slanting shafts spiral in openness, bringing a
promise of renewed life and vigor. Good morning arrives at Midnight.

Have you begun to see that light exists even in seeming darkness? Have you
discovered that the dark moments in your life prepare you to find the Light?

Copyright 1999 Mary V. Meckel

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