by Micheal W. Barry
On what do we have to rely to judge if a personal relationship will succeed in the future:   Emotions? Feelings? Personality? Character? Physical attraction?  Can any of these possibly be reliable?   It seems to me that it must be all of these, none of these, and some of these. In one way or another they certainly will determine how our relationships will flourish or crumble.   Then there is another part to this question. Am I analyzing these traits in myself, the other person, or a combination of both?   Having been through many wonderful and terrible relationships in my life I have finally found one answer that makes a terrific amount of sense.   It is simply an unknown magic formula that combines all of the above. It can only begin when I have learned the true meaning of acceptance of another human being exactly as they are without placing my expectations on how or what they should be in order to satisfy me. Each and every one of these traits is purely subjective on my part and will never be matched with perfection.   Therefore, we can have a beautiful and loving relationship only when we allow our traits and our partners traits to sing together in harmony without our interference.  

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