My Story

Metro Louisville, KY AA Meetings

Readings from Friends*

A Child's Commandments
A Hidden Place
A Little Temper
A Purpose
Above All
An Inspiring Alphabet
An Excuse to drink
Angel by Your Side
Are you an alcoholic?
As I Walk Through Life
Before I Criticize
Being Human
Broken Dreams
Children Touch Our Hearts
Coffee Bean
Comes the Dawn
Cursing the Rain
Dating my Daughter
Dear Doctor
Different Shafts of Light
Do It Anyway
Don't Quit
Dona's Page
Dream on Friend
Drunk in a hole
Eyes of a Child
For You
Freddie The Leaf
Fun Stuff
Growing Roots
He Gave it All
Healed and Whole
Honor Myself
How the Buzzard Got His Clothing
How It Works-Current
How It Works-Original
I am Thankful for.....
I Hear Your Hand
I Want to be Six Again
It's Just Sand
I've Been Bad
If A Dog Were Your Sponsor
If I Can Endure
Imagine this prayer
Incredible Story
Island of Feelings
Just Another
Just For Today
Legend of the Raindrop
Lessons from Geese
Letting Go
Little Things in Life
Lost Temper
Maxim for Life
Memos from your Child
Merchant of Baghdad
Native Man
Nelson Mandela-Fear
No One to Turn To
Not a Special Right
On This Day
Only What I Need
Paid In Full
Pleasing Everyone
Prayer for Children
Prayer for Patience
Prayer of St. Francis
Purpose in Life
Pushing Against the Rock
Rainbow Bridge
Reading Mistakes & Funnies
Recipe For Friendship
Recovered or Recovering?
Rewards of the 12 Steps
Roses of Life
Steps to Happiness
Strength and Courage
Take the time for a Friend
The Artist Way
The Awakening
The Bear Cub
The Builder
The Carpenter
The Connection
The Cracked Water Pot
The Gossiper
The Most Beautiful Flower
The New 10 Commandments
The Promises
The Sandpiper
The Search
The Smell of Rain
The Starfish
The Station
The Stranger
The Trouble Tree
The 12 Steps in Plain English
The Wise Women's Stone
Time of Change
Very Revealing Prayers
What I have Learned
What is AA?
What Type of Friend Are You?
What We Share
What's Really Important
When God Made Fathers
When We Leave
Where God Ain't
Why Worry
Wish Not for Ease

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•Louisville Coalition for the Homeless
•Madame Suzanna's House of Miracles
•Medallions Unlimited
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•The Spirit of Creation
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•Willingway Hospital

*I have done my best to give credit to all authors. Some of the material has just been passed on by friends. If you find some that are incorrect or that should be removed due to copyright let me know.
It is not my intent to violate copyright or to plagiarize. Only to share.