When We Leave
 At the end of a long day, we set down to rest
 After all we have done, it is time to de-stress
 We work hard to do so much while we are here
 Sometimes the reasons are not all that clear
  It is not important if the impact was small or great
 One should take pride in all they have accomplished to date
 Have you ever thought about the legacy you leave
 You can make a difference, that you must believe
 When the day is done and we take time to reflect
 There are some important facts we must accept
 Set aside a moment in time to see if you should do more
 You may not be the only one that is keeping score
 Take some time to assess all that was given to you
 It is possible that you might have a balance due
 Our purpose in life is to leave something behind
 Hopefully a better world for others to find
Robert Beau

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