Time of Change by Jim Mitchell

Vision's dream pierces time and night, in crystalline shards of blue and white light.

The picture shown clear yet through gaussian blur the heartbeat beneath, dark matted coat fur.

In time long ago, this symbolic gesture made clear but detached from our Mother, is now taken in fear. Cloudwalker's work load is now twice as much with Indian hair cut short, spirit lacking as such.

The Elders, they speak, "Time of change is sure to come" yet too little thanks given for each dawning day's sun.

And Pipes sold connected, displayed in pitiful disgrace by venders who seek profit off the Spirit of our Red Race.

The dream slowly fades and washes away with time Cement Indian walks proudly, with his bottle of wine. Spirit keeps on working, it's all they can do For the time of change is coming, for both me and you.

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